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  • Katherine Finn

Finding Your 'Happy' This Christmas

I appreciate that even for those of us who usually look forward to the festive season 2020 continues to challenge us, requiring us to compromise and adapt our hoped for plans … But does this mean we are also forced to lower our expectations and restrict our opportunities for creating and sharing the magic of Christmas? I suppose it depends on what ‘Christmas’ means to you …

Perhaps if 2020 does have a silver lining it’s the opportunity we’ve had to re-evaluate, prioritise and appreciate the simple things in life - an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for the things and people we can sometimes take for granted. Our constant attempt to focus on what we can influence and our recognition of the benefits in doing just that.

We’ve been asked repeatedly to practise thinking, acting and interacting in a positive way - despite the pandemic - and what better time to reflect, acknowledge and celebrate your personal strengths and the qualities that have helped you through this testing time. #

Christmas may not be ‘normal’ this year … but perhaps you can utilise your skills to create a different recipe using the ingredients you have to hand. Let’s take back control with our imaginations, our creativity, our sense of humour and our values – all of which are priceless yet can be gift wrapped to share with others at no expense. Small acts of empathy, kindness and compassion can make a big difference and can bridge a physical gap to reach out and connect with one another. And it doesn’t stop there – there’s often a wonderful ripple effect and you’ll notice a rewarding bounce-back which in turn gives you a lovely boost.

Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy helps you to combat feelings of anxiety, frustration and low mood and gives you the tools to find your way into the best mindset possible so that you can cope better whatever the situation. We work on the premise that ‘problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions’ (Steve de Shazer). Using your imagination to your advantage is therefore key because neurons that fire together wire together and map new neural pathways in your brain for your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to follow.

You can start now by putting any frustrations, stresses or worries gently to one side and instead visualising what you wish for this Christmas - concentrating on what is possible and within your reach …

I hope you enjoy a peaceful, relaxing and healthy Christmas.

All the best,


BA (Hons), DipSFH, Reg AfSFH, CNHC, NCP

If you would like help finding your happy this Christmas - please get in touch for a free introductory phone call.

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