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  • Katherine Finn

Self Belief

I’m aware that many of us are suffering from a lack of confidence and self esteem at the moment. In some cases it’s driven by the adjustments we’ve had to make over the past two years as our worlds have shrunk in an effort to protect ourselves during these unsettling times. What used to be normal can now feel overwhelming. In others there may be more history in terms of trauma even further back that hasn’t yet been processed and released. You could be holding onto a fundamental belief that ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’ which prevents you from making better choices. Possibly you’ve been so busy caring for others that you’ve lost your sense of self in the process.

The symptoms might be manifesting as performance anxiety (e.g. at sporting events, taking part in class, exam stress or contributing to work meetings). It could be an unwanted physical reaction (e.g. tummy pains, headaches, involuntary spasms or ticks). You might be finding your sleep is compromised and / or you feel low in energy and motivation. Perhaps you’ve developed a coping mechanism which is causing more problems (e.g. drinking too much alcohol, smoking, an unhealthy relationship with food, the urge to constantly re-check things).

When faced with these challenges it’s easy to fixate on the negatives and worry about the future and what might go wrong because your Primitive Mind is in survival mode. By encouraging you to repeat the same behaviour (even if isn’t necessarily making you feel good) it thinks it’s keeping you safe. But what if you could use the other part of your brain – your Intellectual Mind - to think clearly and rationally so that you take back control, interrupt that pattern repeat and create healthier coping strategies?

Thankfully the neuroplasticity of the brain makes it possible to change direction and develop new neural pathways. And these will be reinforced as you use them more, noticing the benefits and feeling inspired and motivated along the way.  And because you’re no longer travelling along that old route it fades away. It’s much more effective to replace an unwanted habit than it is to simply discard it, so in Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy we guide you away from the problems and encourage you to visualise what you’re aiming for so that you can create a positive mind map. How would prefer to be thinking and feeling and behaving?

Change can be positive, look around you as Mother Nature transforms the countryside. You too can blossom and flourish.

Spring forwards with the help of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy,


BA (Hons), DipSFH. Reg AfSFH, CNHC, NCIP

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