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  • Katherine Finn

Make The Most Of Every Day

I was delighted when the first daffodil in my garden showed its cheerful face a few days ago. I admit that after the relentless rain so far this year, the thought of brighter days and the promise of spring brings much needed hope. Perhaps sometimes you wish you could hit fast forward and skip ahead but it’s really important for our mental and emotional health to make every day count and do our best to enjoy the journey through the winter months.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather so what can we focus on changing that will help us to cope with the winter months in the best way possible?

The dog walkers among us are familiar with heading out in all conditions and realising that, although our clothes may be drenched on return, our spirits are raised. So I urge you to tog up and step outside every day. Do whatever you can to put some movement into your day – you’ll feel the benefits on every level because your mind and your body are connected.

And when you’re confined to indoors – how can you make the most of it? How about developing your culinary skills and experimenting with different recipes – you could invite a friend or two over for a cosy kitchen supper? Catch up with people you care about - in person, online, by phone or pop a thoughtful note in the post.  This is a chance to get ahead with the ‘spring’ cleaning so that when the skies clear you can be out and about having already done all your sorting and tidying. Get creative and enjoy the opportunity to practise doing something you don’t usually have time for or even start a new hobby. Feed the birds and enjoy the view as they flock to feast.

As with any time of year, it’s that balance of keeping busy whilst also giving yourself permission to rest, relax and recharge that is key. Catch up on any movies or series on your ‘must watch’ list, read or listen to an audio book.

Just because nature follows the seasons there’s no reason why you can’t blossom at any time. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said ‘it’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be’ and this is especially true when you realise that it’s not the rain, the situation, the event or the people that affect you but the way you choose to respond and react.

Don’t wait to put a spring in your step,


BA (Hons), DipSFH. Reg AfSFH, CNHC, NCP

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