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How To Improve Your Relationship With Food

The sunshine often brings a desire to improve our relationship with food as we shed the layers. If this resonates, I encourage you to enjoy the opportunity to improve on your decision making around food choices.

Our Primitive Mind (PM) quite rightly associates eating with survival. However, if you’ve developed unhealthy eating habits, for example as a coping strategy to combat stress, this may not be positive. Because the PM is only concerned with preserving your existence right now, it doesn’t care about the way you want to or think you look nor does it take into account your long-term health and unfortunately will encourage you to repeat previous patterns of behaviour so they just become an automatic reaction. It is fuelled by negative emotions and can be obsessional.

I will give you an understanding of how your brain works so that you can recognise any triggers for unhelpful responses. We will utilise your existing strengths and qualities. You’ll be equipped with a toolkit of techniques and long-term, sustainable strategies to take back control by reducing any anxiety, improving the quality of your sleep and retraining your mind to focus on the positives which will generate the fantastic neurochemical serotonin to elevate yourself into your Intellectual Mind (IM) where you can interrupt the negative loop and resist the temptation for self-sabotage.

When you think positively you can more easily let go of any sense of failure from past attempts and use your imagination to visualise your aspirations and goals. Picture the difference success will make! Acting in a positive way promotes ownership of rational decisions and useful solutions. Positive interaction is how you communicate with the rest of the world but also – importantly - how you talk to yourself. Please be kind (it does take time to change habits) and acknowledge your achievements to boost your confidence and self-esteem which in turn will motivate you to continue making healthier choices.

Hypnotherapy has the added benefit of using hypnosis. Asleep or awake, your mind will follow well-trodden neural pathways. However, when you’re in a trance you can enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation whilst accessing your subconscious mind and, if you want to, change the map in favour of a more useful and valuable survival plan.

Call or e-mail me to book in for an Initial Consultation.

Look after yourself,

Katherine. BA (Hons), DipSFH, Reg AfSFH, CNHC, NCP

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